KIHARIE is Wooden Paper Cutting Art & Craft

“KIHARIE” is Wooden Paper Cutting Art & Craft, using Japanese natural wood.

New value of domestic materials

Craft kit made from Japanese wood

“KIHARIE” is a handmade kit-type wood art developed by KINOWA, which combines and overlays several different types of wood to create a three-dimensional wood art piece by cutting with scissors or a cutter along the cut lines printed on the various sheets of wood, and gluing them together with wood glue.

There is a wide range of over 80 designs, from Japanese ukiyoe to original animal designs.

All materials are made from native Japanese wood. Different looks can be created by combining materials of different colours and grains, such as cedar, cypress, horse chestnut, zelkova, ironwood, Amur cork tree, cherry, beech and walnut.

We stick to handmade kits because we want people to be interested in Japanese wood. We value the process of holding the material in your hands, cutting it and enjoying the aroma of each piece. You get attached to things you make yourself, don’t you? This leads to people taking good care of them and showing them off.


Three levels of difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Medium and Hard level. The time it takes to complete the kit and the size of the finished artwork are different. You can work your way up gradually or just start with your favourite design. Try it as you like.


How to make KIHARIE


Detailed instructions are given in the video


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