The origin of KINOWA’s activity is “Sustainable circulation of the forest resource”.

The artificial plantation which became untouched causes the landslide.


The forest brought various blessings including air and food, a house and clothes necessary for people to live from ancient times.
And people brought up a forest and a tree carefully and sometimes worshiped it as God.

The world forest continues decreasing at awful speed and in this situation it is said that the forest will not be in another 100 years.
The cause including illegal deforestation and the development of the resort facility are it in various ways, but it is performed all by hands of people.

We want many people to discover charm of Japanese lumber more.

We want to protect a world forest somehow.
To that end, at first we must invigorate forestry of Japan.

From such thought, we started “KINOWA”.

The tree can make friends with people more.

We aim at the manufacturing that can tell people of the world about excellence of the Japanese tree as well as Japanese people.


The tree of material using by KINOWA is all from Japan.


KINOWA performs all the design and the production, the inspection in Japan.


KINOWA uses wood brought up carefully effectively as much as possible.